{Easy!} Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Last week Pork Tenderloin was on sale so of course I bought it {as I rarely buy meat that isn’t on sale!} Being that Russell is the only one who will be eating the pork we always have some leftover! The first tenderloin was grilled with a dry rub & served with an apple & onion chutney. I wanted to do something a little different with the other tenderloin so after a bit of “googling” I saw several suggesting to cook the tenderloin in the slow cooker with root beer. While it sounds odd, enough recommendations made me want to try it. Russell approved and said it didn’t taste like root beer but that it was delicious, so here you go!

1 {approx 2 lb.} pork tenderloin

3 cups root beer

1 1/2 cups BBQ sauce or {enough to coat}

1 TBSP. cider vinegar

4-6 hamburger buns

Spray the inside of slow cooker with cooking spray. {root beer will caramelize a bit while cooking} Add tenderloin to slow cooker and pour in root beer. Cook for approx. 6 hours on LOW. Remove tenderloin, drain liquid. Shred tenderloin with forks. Add tenderloin back to slow cooker with vinegar, and sauce. Cook an additional hour. Serve on slightly toasted buns. Enjoy!


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