Irish Red Skin Mashers

Even with the title swanky blog title I gave them, these are better known as the “best mashed potatoes ever” around our house…

Harris Teeter always has a nice loaf of bread and imported butter/dip/spread out to sample when I shop. Normally I pass over grocery store samples because *I’m a germaphobe* but this delicious looking Irish Butter was being put out as I walked by. So I just had to try it, it was amazing-slightly more tangy and creamier than your standard butter. So of course I bought some. {Harris Teeter marketing:1 Jennifer:0 -no regrets here though!} While this stuff is amazing all on it’s own spread on a fresh baguette, it was something special in these mashed potatoes! I don’t know how those Irish make such amazing butter…maybe it’s the higher fat content and grass fed cows  luck of the Irish 😉

2 lbs. red skin potatoes, cut into 1 in. pieces

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

4 tbsp. Irish Butter (such as Kerrygold)

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup shredded cheese {optional}

Add cut potatoes to pot and cover with water, bring to boil and cook until fork tender. (approx. 20 min) Drain potatoes and return to pot.  Add salt, pepper, and Irish butter. Mash potatoes. Add milk as desired for consistency. Add cheese. Enjoy!

*please note measurements are approximate- so taste as you go and change accordingly!


4 thoughts on “Irish Red Skin Mashers

  1. Sounds great. I saw your post on Facebook about how good Irish butter was. I saw it at Trader Joes the other day and debated on getting it. I will definitely have to get some next time I go.

  2. These sound delicious! I’ve always wondered what Irish butter tastes like. Now, I guess I’ll just have to find out! And since I’m a butter-on-bread fan, I probably can’t go wrong, huh?

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