Christmas Baking Prep

With the chaos that is now my life, I felt the need to get some Christmas baking prep work done this weekend since I want to continue to do things like send a Christmas goodie box to work with my husband & bring cookies to parties throughout the month. I made a double batch of Nutella Cookies, Chewy Cheesecake Cookies, and Ginger Molasses Cookies (recipe coming soon) {well in this case not the cookies themselves but the dough}. I then put the dough in storage containers & popped them into the freezer. I also went ahead and made Peanut Butter Balls and the filling to the Peppermint Truffles. All of these doughs freeze perfectly without compromising flavor or texture, like you would with freezing the baked cookie. Now most of my prep work has been done for fresh cookies any time this month for holiday guests or a great gift to friends & neighbors! To take this one step further you can scoop cookies onto cookie sheet, freeze, then place in containers for individually frozen cookie dough:-)



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