Cinnamon Pull Apart Boule

Boule is just a fancy word for round bread, so don’t fret- no special crazy ingredients! ūüėČ Sorry for the horrible photo but with a screaming toddler ready to eat, you don’t have time for quality photographing! This is another one of the Pinterest finds that I just had to try & it was delicious! I happen to LOVE sourdough these days. (Oddly enough I used to HATE it) I am especially fond of Sourdough with Imported Butter, but that is a different post ūüėČ Sourdough was the perfect balance to all of the sweet cinnamon sugar goodness in my opinion but any bread would do. This was the perfect Sunday morning breakfast, or any morning… The recipe for honey butter must be made, not only for this recipe, but because it is AMAZING!

1 Sourdough Boule

Honey Butter

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 cup powdered sugar

2 TBSP. milk

Cut boule in opposing directions to create one inch cubes without cutting through bottom. Spread honey butter between “cubes”. Mix cinnamon & sugar and sprinkle between layers. Wrap in foil and bake 20-25 minutes on 350 to warm. Combine confectioners sugar and milk and drizzle over warm bread. Serve & Enjoy!


{Easy} Pretzel Bites

I have a special place in my stomach heart for pretzels.¬†While on Pinterest {shocker, huh?!} I saw that someone used Rhodes rolls to make pretzel bites. I already had some rolls in our freezer (& seriously…if you love rolls from Lonestar, Logans, or the like you must have these in your freezer too!) I decided to give it a try & they are so simple and SO good! These ¬†were an appetizer for Russell and I last night but would be great for a party, it isn’t very often hot soft pretzel bites are served! ūüėČ

Pretzel Bites

Rhodes dinner rolls, thawed & risen as directed on package

melted butter

salt {cinnamon & sugar, Parmesan cheese, whatever you like on your pretzels!}

After your rolls have thawed & doubled in size cut into bite size pieces. (I use a pizza cutter) Bring a pot of water to a boil, place a few dough pieces {do not crowd}  into boiling water for 30-45 seconds. Remove with slotted spoon and put on paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining dough. Place dough pieces on parchment lined {or greased} cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10-12 min. While still warm place in bowl and toss with melted butter and sprinkle salt {or topping of choice} and serve warm. Enjoy!

Giveaway: Vanilla!


My first blog giveaway is vanilla…mainly because I feel the need to stress the importance of this ingredient! ¬†I’ve had a few people make a recipe of mine and say “it didn’t taste like yours did” and I want to¬†immediately¬†ask “did you use¬†crappy¬†imitation vanilla?” but I’m a little nicer than that and say something like “well, I use¬†pure¬†vanilla and that WILL make a difference.” because…it really does make a difference {especially in things like frosting!} Not to mention the things used to make imitation vanilla like coal & bark! No thank you!!

The first thing that people usually question is the price. It is the second most expensive spice aside from saffron, and for good reason! Did you know that vanilla is actually a product of orchids grown in tropical climates and¬†hand pollinated, hand picked, then dried in the sun during the day & wrapped in blankets at night so they can sweat?!¬†Of course it will be at a premium price for all that work!! If price is truly the issue here then a) enter this giveaway and get it FREE b) check out your local TJMaxx – I have often found¬†Neilsen Massey¬†and¬†Sonoma Syrup¬†brands which are both great! c) think about how often you use vanilla- this is going to last you a while… Russell gave me some in my stocking at Christmas {yes, you read that correctly!} and as often as I bake, I’m still using the same bottle!! The price is worth it!

So to enter this giveaway for a bottle of PURE vanilla extract, comment on this post and let me know your favorite dessert to bake {or just eat!}, more than likely it contains vanilla and would taste even better with the real deal! Feel free to spread the word on facebook or twitter and become entered twice-that is if you’re a good friend and not concerned with keeping the odds low ūüėČ

*If you’re out of town- no worries- I can ship it ūüôā

Winner will be announced on Monday!